You are invited to a workshop with LARRY HAAS!

Larry Hass at Ring 390, (Miami Dade County, Florida)
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 

Reserve your spot by calling:  305.297.2395 or  786.258.8762
Space is limited so reserve today!

Workshop Description

Two Deep Secrets for Making Better Shows

Larry Hass has been directing magic acts and performances for over twenty years, first in the context of his college theater classes on magic and more recently as the Dean of the McBride Magic & Mystery School. His teaching units at the School’s Master Classes frequently focus on practices for creating stronger, more dynamic, more compelling magic shows.

In this three-hour workshop, Larry will lead the participants through two areas that are frequently ignored in the literature and subculture of magic, but which are essential if our magic is to be strong and professional: 1) effective show construction and 2) character development.

Larry will develop his fundamental ideas in these areas by performing and teaching a number of routines from his professional repertoire—routines that are not being explained anywhere else on this tour. Further, the workshop will be interactive in that the participants will be asked to reflect about and share their goals for the workshop and for their magic. 


Dr. Larry Hass is the Dean of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas. He has performed his astonishing, artistic magic in over a dozen countries and regularly performs in Las Vegas and at the Magic Castle.

Having authored over 15 instructional books and videos for magicians, he is considered a world-leading teacher of magic. He has been been directing and coaching magicians for over 20 years, both on his own and as a long-standing faculty member of the Magic & Mystery School.

Larry Hass’s visionary approach to magic has been featured in print, radio, film, and video media around the world including New York Times, USAToday, the Chronicle of Higher Education, on the Discovery Channel, and in his recent TEDx Talk, “What Is the Art of Magic?”

What Master Magicians Are Saying about Larry Hass


Larry Hass is an inspiring teacher and a joyful man to know.

Juan Tamariz

Thank you, Larry, for doing so much to help raise the intellectual level of our beloved art of magic!

Jeff McBride

Larry Hass has personally helped me become a better magician and a deeper thinker.

Lance Burton

With the publication of Inspirations, Larry Hass has made a significant and long-lasting contribution to our art.

Ross Johnson

Larry Hass has become the contemporary Henning Nelms.

Rob Zabrecky

Inspirations is a beguiling and thoughtful collection of essays and routines from one of magic’s progressive practitioners.


Larry Hass is not only a fantastic performer who puts meaning and love into the magic he performs, he is also a lovely human being, which shines through and endears him to his audience.

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A Weekend With GAZZO!

Gazzo, a short bio….

Gazzo is a world-class entertainer who leaves his audience astonished and laughing hysterically with his unique cocktail of spellbinding magic and comedy. Penn Gillete calls him “the greatest.” He goes on to explain Gazzo’s magic metaphorically, “It is the singer not the song… [Gazzo is] the best singer we’ve ever seen… the best we’ve ever seen… you do it better than us.”

He is recognized as one of the top five magicians in the world. Unfortunately, he was struck by a massive stroke and lost his hand dexterity. While he lay on the hospital bed with all kinds of tubes and beeping machines, doctors told him he would never be able to do magic again. But Gazzo’s magic came to the forefront.

Gazzo persevered through his physical limitations and depression the stroke brought in his life. After relentless practice, dedication, and resolve he rose back like the Phoenix from the ashes. Lo and behold he came back as an even better magician than he was before his stroke.

In his career, he has performed more than fifty-four thousand shows and entertained a live audience of over 15 million people!  Amongst his magician peers, Gazzo is considered to be the magician who has performed in front of the most number of people on earth. His audiences around the world have rated his shows with 98% satisfaction.

He has entertained up to 5,000 people at a time in casinos in Las Vegas, performed on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us on national TV, performed at Universal Studios, trained thousands of fellow magicians at magic conventions, and entertained hundreds of people per show in his street performances. He’s trained thousands of magicians in his style of magic and is also a published author of three bestselling books.

There has been a movie made on Gazzo’s life and its spellbinding magic. Al Pacino, Halle Berry, Carmen Diaz, Steven Spielberg, Manny Pacquiao, Roy Schider and former world boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko are some of the hundreds of celebrity fans he has entertained. Lance Burton, David Blaine, Johnny Thompson, Maria Ibanez, Penn and Teller are some of Gazzo’s peers who vouch for his extraordinary talent of leaving your jaws drop in awe while you pee your pants, simultaneously.

Now that I have your attention, this is your opportunity to spend a weekend learning and/or honing up your street entertaining and busking from the master himself!

Gazzo is conducting a private weekend 3 Day workshop Friday November 9thto Sunday November 11th, in sunny Miami! This is a private, in-person event only and won’t be broadcast. This will be billed as a “Weekend with Gazzo” The workshop is limited to 9 spaces. It no doubt will sell out very fast!

You’ll be in a small group where you’ll REALLY meet one of magic’s greats, and get 1-on-1 hands-on help as he teaches you his VERY favorite magic tricks with a FOCUS on Street Performing and Busking. The value of this experience is truly immeasurable.

The workshop will include the use of the materials. You will have access to cups and balls, a pouch, and tables so you will get to focus on and get 1 on 1 help without having to worry about bringing the necessary props.

The days will be a nonstop thrill ride of learning, excitement and magic secrets. This is a boot camp where Gazzo will download his knowledge right into your brain.


Friday November 9th, 2018
Meet and Greet
5:45 PM-9:30 PM

Saturday, November 10th, 2018
Hands-On Teaching
9:45 AM-7:30 PM

Sunday, November 11th, 2018
Hands-On Teaching
10:00 AM-6:00 PM

Lunch and Snacks will be included! You will have a working lunch where you can ask any questions you like! It’s gonna be 3 days of wonderful.

9990 Marlin Road
Cutler Bay, FL 33157

We will be making arrangements with a nearby hotel to make your stay easy and comfortable as well as affordable for you, the cost of the hotel is not included.

For questions, costs, or further details please contact Maria at 786-258-8762 or Adrian at 305-297-2395; they will get back to you promptly if they cannot respond immediately.  You may contact via email at

Looking forward to seeing you there. It is going to be a weekend of fun and lots of learning. More details to follow soon!


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Sad to report ***CLEM KINNICUTT***Triste en reportarles

My heart is heavy, the teara make it difficult to type this message, one of the most painful ones I have ever sent out.  My godfather, my great friend, has left us this evening and has gone on to that great stage in heaven; he has gone on to be with his beloved son Michael and to be an angel to watch over the love of his life Jean, his sons Jim, John and Jeff; his grandchildren and daughters in law and all those of us for whom he had a love that was very reciprocal.   Our Clem passed away peacefully this evening, being held by his wife of 57 years, after a short hospital stay but having fought the valiant fight.  He will be missed but never forgotten and left us knowing how deeply he was loved.  Clem Kinnicutt, our beloved Clem, Rest in Peace until we meet again.
There are no details of services at this time but I will send out an additional email tomorrow once I have the information and details.
We love and miss you Godfather!

Mi corazón está pesado, las lágrimas hacen difícil escribir este mensaje, uno de los más dolorosos que he enviado. Mi padrino, mi gran amigo, nos ha dejado esta noche y ha ido a ese gran escenario del cielo; ha pasado a estar con su amado hijo Miguel ya ser un ángel para vigilar el amor de su vida Jean, sus hijos Jim, John y Jeff; sus nietos y nueras y todos aquellos de nosotros por quienes tuvo un amor muy recíproco. Nuestro Clem falleció pacíficamente esta noche, tomado de la mano por su esposa de 57 años, después de una corta estancia en el hospital, pero habiendo luchado la valiente lucha. Será extrañado pero nunca olvidado y nos dejo sabiendo cuán profundamente fue amado. Clem Kinnicutt, nuestro amado Clem, Descansa en Paz hasta que nos encontremos nuevamente.

No hay detalles de los servicios en este momento, pero voy a enviar un correo electrónico adicional mañana una vez que tenga la información y los detalles.

¡Te amamos y te extrañamos padrino!

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Sad to report***EUGENE BURGER***Triste en reportarles

Sad and heavy hearted is the news I share with you this morning.  The magic world is a buzz this morning with the news that the Dean of the Magic & Mystery School, a kind and gentle, brilliant man, Eugene Burger has passed away.

Speaking with a mutual friend this morning I was told “Eugene was the kind of person you could spend a few days with and he would impact your life forever”; that to me is one of the best descriptions of the man I’ve ever heard.  Time spent with him was impactful and once you met him you knew you had received a great fortune in that meeting.

My heart goes out to Jeff McBride and the Magic & Mystery School faculty, to all the countless people who Eugene touched in one way or another and to magicians present and future who through his writings will get to know a little bit about the man who was brilliant and generous with his talent and knowledge.

To him now has been revealed the greatest of all secrets; he now knows what is beyond the drapes of that greatest of all stages and he is now aware of the magic of another realm.  May he have a good voyage and may he rest in peace until we meet again and that time when he will once again delight us with his gypsy thread.  Rest in Peace Eugene, we will remember you always and miss you just as long.

Triste y de pesado corazón es la noticia que comparto con ustedes esta mañana. El mundo mágico es un zumbido esta mañana con la noticia de que el Decano de la Escuela de Magia y Misterio, un hombre cariñoso, gentil y brillante, Eugene Burger ha fallecido.

Hablando con un amigo mutuo esta mañana me dijo “Eugene era el tipo de persona con la que podrías pasar unos días y estos impactarían tu vida para siempre”.  Para mí es una de las mejores descripciones del hombre que he escuchado. El tiempo que pasó con él siempre era impactante y una vez que lo conoció usted sabía que había recibido una gran fortuna en esa reunión.

Mi corazón se dirige a Jeff McBride y la facultad de la Escuela Magic & Mystery, a todas las innumerables personas que Eugene tocó de una manera u otra y a magos actuales y futuros que a través de sus escritos y libros llegarán a conocer un poco sobre el hombre que fue brillante y generoso con sus talentos y conocimientos.

A él se le ha revelado ahora el mayor de todos los secretos; ahora sabe lo que está más allá de las cortinas de la mayor de todas los scenarios y ahora esta consciente de la magia de otro reino. Que tenga un buen viaje y que descanse en paz hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo y hasta el momento en que nos deleitará de nuevo con su hilo gitano. Descansa en paz Eugene, te recordaremos siempre y te extrañaremos por el mismo tiempo.


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REUNION — 5/18/2017 — MEETING

Amigos, recordandoles que este Martes, como todos los martes, tendremos la reunion de Martes Magicos.  POR FAVOR, avisen si van a poder participar para poder planear apropiadamente.

Friends, just a reminder that this Tuesday, as every other Tuesday, we will have the Magic Tuesdays meeting.  PLEASE, confirm if you will be attending so we may prepare properly.

Tema:     Mentalismo, telepatia, mnemonica
Lugar:     Casa de Jay y Maria
Hora:       7:00 PM

Theme:    Mentalism, telepathy, mnemonica
Where:    Jay & Maria’s home
Time:      7:00 PM

Esperamos verlos!  …   Hope to see you!



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Sad to report **JOHN MOEHRING**Triste en reportarles

Friends, it has taken me all day to come to the inevitable acceptance that we have lost not just a good friend but also a great member of the magic world.  John Moehring, magician extraordinaire, creative, a great writer and one of the gentlest and kindest men I have ever met.  John served as MUM Editor for the S.A.M.  He was a huge asset to me while I was President, he kind, generous both with his time and knowledge and supported me every step of the way.  Today we lost a dear man who leaves a void in a pair of shoes that will be very hard to fill.  Godspeed and rest in peace my friend until we meet again.
Amigos, me ha tomado todo el día llegar a la inevitable aceptación de que hemos perdido no sólo un buen amigo sino también un gran miembro del mundo mágico. John Moehring, mago extraordinario, creativo, un gran escritor y uno de los hombres más gentiles y amables que he conocido. John sirvió como MUM Editor para la S.A.M. Él fue una ayuda enorme para mí mientras yo fui Presidente, él, amable, generoso tanto con su tiempo como su conocimiento y me apoyó en cada paso del camino. Hoy hemos perdido a un hombre querido que deja un vacío en un par de zapatos que será muy difícil de llenar. Viaja con Dios y descansa en paz mi amigo hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo.
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Meeting Reminder — Recordatorio de Reunion

Amigos, sólo un recordatorio de que la reunión de mañana es especial, como todos los ultimos Martes de cada mes. Por favor, comparta este correo electrónico con sus amigos e invítelos a salir a una noche mágica y apoyar nuestro club y la magia. La entrada es GRATUITA para aquellos que asisten y sólo pagan por lo que consumen allí. Siempre llegamos a las 7:00 para mezclarnos con los clientes, hacer magia de mesa a mesa, para divertirnos y cenar antes del espectáculo que siempre comienza entre las 8:30 y las 9:00, haciendo una noche llena de magia. ¡Nos vemos allí!

Friends, just a reminder that tomorrow’s meeting is a special one, just as is every last Tuesday of every month.  Please share this email with your friends and invite them to come out for a magical evening and to support our club and magic.  Entrance is FREE to those who attend and they only pay for what they consume there.  We always arrive by 7:00 to mingle with the crowd, do some table to table entertaining and to dine before the show which always starts between 8:30 and 9:00, making for a full evening of magic.  See you there!

Canaima Doral

5401 N.W. 79 Avenue
Doral, Florida  33166


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Sad to report ***RAY FRANCAS*** Triste en reportarles

Friends, it is with a sad and heavy heart that I report to you, the news has been confirmed, that Ray Francas, President of EMA (Entidad Magica Argentina) has lost his life in an accident.  He was killed when he was  hit by a passing motorcyclist.  No further details at this time but the news is confirmed.

Ray Francas was a very well known and highly respected member of the magic scene in Buenos Aires; his loss will be felt by many.  Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to his family and to his countless friends around the magic world.  May he rest in peace.

Amigos, es con un corazón triste y pesado que les informo, la noticia ha sido confirmada, que Ray Francas, Presidente de EMA (Entidad Magica Argentina) ha perdido la vida en un accidente. Fue asesinado cuando fue alcanzado por un motociclista que pasaba. No hay más detalles en este momento, pero la noticia está confirmada.

Ray Francas era un miembro muy conocido y muy respetado de la escena mágica en Buenos Aires. Su pérdida será sentida por muchos. Nuestros pensamientos, oraciones y condolencias salen a su familia y a sus innumerables amigos alrededor del mundo mágico. Que descance en paz.

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Sad to report***PAUL DIAMOND***Triste en reportarles


The magic world is all the poorer today with the loss of not just a personal and loved friend, but also a legend of the magic world.  News comes today of the passing of my friend Paul Diamond.  Past owner of a large magic store in Ft. Lauderdale, magician, creator, manufacturer and friend, Paul has now gone on to join his beloved wife Andi who preceded him in death.  Certainly he will be performing beggars coins and other of his  wonderful effects with use of his reels as he entertains in that largest of all theaters.  May he rest in peace.

El mundo mágico es hoy más pobre con la pérdida de no sólo un querido y personal amigo, sino también una leyenda del mundo mágico. Hoy llega la noticia del fallecimiento de mi amigo Paul Diamond. Pasado dueño de una gran tienda de magia en Ft. Lauderdale, mago, creador, fabricante y amigo, Paul ahora se ha unido a su querida esposa Andi que lo precedió en la muerte. Ciertamente él estará realizando las monedas de mendigos y otros de sus maravillosos efectos con el uso de sus carretes mientras entretiene en el más grande de todos los teatros. Que descanse en paz.

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Sad to report…JORGE GARCIA “THE JACK”….Triste en reportar

It is with great sadness that I report to you that the pendulum has swung and that the magic and mentalism world is saddened this morning at the news that we have lost another one of ours.  Late last evening we lost a great performer and very creative Jorge Garcia, better known by his performer name “The Jack”.  It is unfortunate that I never had an opportunity to meet him but I do know his work and know some of those he has helped and guided along the path and have seen first hand the dedication and love for the art that was instilled in them by him.

There are no further details at this time and I will pass those along as they come to me.  Sending our deepest condolences to his family and to the countless friends and admirers around the world.  May he rest in peace.

Es con gran tristeza que les informo que el péndulo ha oscilado y que el mundo de la magia y el mentalismo se entristece esta mañana ante la noticia de que hemos perdido otro de los nuestros. A última hora de la tarde perdimos un gran intérprete y muy creativo Jorge García, más conocido por su nombre artistico, “The Jack”. Es lamentable que nunca tuve la oportunidad de conocerlo, pero conozco su trabajo y conozco a algunos de los que ha ayudado y guiado por el camino y he visto de primera mano la dedicación y el amor por el arte que les fue inculcado por él .
No hay más detalles en este momento y se los enviare segun lleguen a mí. Enviando nuestras más profundas condolencias a su familia y a los innumerables amigos y admiradores de todo el mundo. Que descanse en paz.
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