Sad to report — CRISTIAN CRISHAN JR — Triste en reportarles

Estimados amigos magos, con profunda tristeza les tengo que informar que hemos tenido una gran pérdida en nuestra gran familia mágica, me acaban de informar que ha fallecido CRISTIAN CRISHAN JR quiero desde aquí acompañar en su gran dolor a su padre CRISTIAN CRISHAN y le ruego a Dios le de fuerzas en estos momentos tan dificiles, por el momento todavia no se en donde sera velado pero en cuanto lo sepa les informare a todos. Descanse en paz nuestro hermano CRISTIAN CRISHAN JR.

Nota personal:  Tuvimos el gusto de compartir escenarios con Cristian y con su padre en Abracadabra hace un año y sentimos a nivel personal la perdida de un gran mago, gran colega y una bella persona.  Nos unimos en solidaridad al enviar nuestro pesame a su padre y familia.  Que en paz descanse.

Dear magic friends, with deep sadness I must inform you that we have had a great loss in this great magic family.  I have just been informed that CRISTIAN CHRISHAN JR has passed away.  I join, from here, his family in their pain at this loss and pray the Lord will grant them strength at this difficult moment.  There are no services details at present but as I receive them I will pass them along.  May our brother CRISTIAN CHRISHAN JR rest in peace.

Personal note:  we were fortunate to have shared stages with Cristian and his father during Abracadabra a year ago and we feel on a personal level the loss of a great magician, great coleague and beautiful person.  We join all those who are sending their condolences to his father and family.  May he rest in peace.






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