You are invited to a workshop with LARRY HAAS!

Larry Hass at Ring 390, (Miami Dade County, Florida)
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 

Reserve your spot by calling:  305.297.2395 or  786.258.8762
Space is limited so reserve today!

Workshop Description

Two Deep Secrets for Making Better Shows

Larry Hass has been directing magic acts and performances for over twenty years, first in the context of his college theater classes on magic and more recently as the Dean of the McBride Magic & Mystery School. His teaching units at the School’s Master Classes frequently focus on practices for creating stronger, more dynamic, more compelling magic shows.

In this three-hour workshop, Larry will lead the participants through two areas that are frequently ignored in the literature and subculture of magic, but which are essential if our magic is to be strong and professional: 1) effective show construction and 2) character development.

Larry will develop his fundamental ideas in these areas by performing and teaching a number of routines from his professional repertoire—routines that are not being explained anywhere else on this tour. Further, the workshop will be interactive in that the participants will be asked to reflect about and share their goals for the workshop and for their magic. 


Dr. Larry Hass is the Dean of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas. He has performed his astonishing, artistic magic in over a dozen countries and regularly performs in Las Vegas and at the Magic Castle.

Having authored over 15 instructional books and videos for magicians, he is considered a world-leading teacher of magic. He has been been directing and coaching magicians for over 20 years, both on his own and as a long-standing faculty member of the Magic & Mystery School.

Larry Hass’s visionary approach to magic has been featured in print, radio, film, and video media around the world including New York Times, USAToday, the Chronicle of Higher Education, on the Discovery Channel, and in his recent TEDx Talk, “What Is the Art of Magic?”

What Master Magicians Are Saying about Larry Hass


Larry Hass is an inspiring teacher and a joyful man to know.

Juan Tamariz

Thank you, Larry, for doing so much to help raise the intellectual level of our beloved art of magic!

Jeff McBride

Larry Hass has personally helped me become a better magician and a deeper thinker.

Lance Burton

With the publication of Inspirations, Larry Hass has made a significant and long-lasting contribution to our art.

Ross Johnson

Larry Hass has become the contemporary Henning Nelms.

Rob Zabrecky

Inspirations is a beguiling and thoughtful collection of essays and routines from one of magic’s progressive practitioners.


Larry Hass is not only a fantastic performer who puts meaning and love into the magic he performs, he is also a lovely human being, which shines through and endears him to his audience.

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