Magician’s Stimulus Package

Ring 45 and SAM 280 announce their:

Magician’s Stimulus Package

Attention ALL FMA Club Contacts
Could your Ring or Assembly use some extra cash? Well here is your chance to make some easy money for your club. Ring 45 and SAM 280 will pay your club for every registration you sell to their March Magic Mini Flea Market and Convention. That’s right, your club will earn $5.00 to $10.00 for each full day registration sold!
What is this you ask? Check out or  for complete details. But the short story is for just $50.00 you will be entitled to visit and/or participate in the Flea Market from 9am-1pm, Sun., March 1st.
Then from 1pm-6:30pm you will get to see three lectures featuring Rachel and Aldo Colombini, IBM Stage Champion/author and Comic magician, Levent plus the legendary John Calvert. NOTE: At the last Magic Live, Levent received a standing ovation from 1200 attendees of his lecture!
These lectures alone are worth the price of admission; however it also includes a complete lunch, of hot dogs, burgers, chips, beer and soft drinks. AND a cocktail reception with Hors d’ oeuvres, cash bar, close –up performers and then a complete roast beef dinner with wine, soft drinks and all the trimmings! To top off the evening, following dinner you will enjoy a full evening stage show featuring Aldo Colombini, Illusionist, Alexander Blade, the hilarious comedy magic of Levent and the Legendary, Mr. John Calvert.
So, get the word out and sell some registrations. Your club will receive $5.00 for each registration sold for the first to the eighth. But if you sell 9 full day registrations or more, you receive $10.00 (TEN) dollars for each, retro-active to the first one. So if your club sells nine registrations your club receives $90.00. Sell twenty and receive $200.00. Just about enough for a lecturer! Earn cash with NO risk, such a deal….
Plus the registrants get the BEST BARGAIN in Magic. Three lectures, flea market or new and used magic, Lunch and close-up, plus full dinner and great stage show, for just $50.00.
Contact Maria Ibanez for more details at
Or by phone: 305.258.3414
Payment should be sent to Magic City Conjurers — 12791 S.W. 216 Terrace, Miami, Florida  33170 — please make checks payable to Magic City Conjurers.    Payments must be received by February 25th to qualify.

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