Have you heard? 1/18/2010

Have You Heard?…
January 18, 2010
by Maria Ibâñez

Greetings, what a magical week we have had! Last Monday we hosted a lecture by Aldo and Rachel Colombini; as always, their lecture and performances are funny and full of practical and affordable magic. Wednesday we were fortunate to be invited to attend a lecture by a young man who is not only extremely talented and creative, but also a terrific gentleman; Andrew Mayne. Jason, Idalmis and our grandson phoned and asked to come to dinner on Thursday evening because they were coming to Miami on some personal business, it turned out to be a lovely evening for us. Friday saw us as the surprise guests on the pre-voyage party hosted by Barry Mitchell and Tim Sonofelt; an evening spent playing games and enjoying food and drink with many friends, Mike and Lori Finney, Joe and Sue Leffler, Simone Marron, Valerie and a little over half of those who would be sailing the following morning on the Creativity at Sea Convention. Next year they will be sailing out of South Carolina and Jay and I will seriously consider going if we can get away.

The Magic Touch was emailed last week and much as the first issue, the response has been astounding. We have had numerous subscription requests and offers of articles for the next issue due to come out in March. Do not hesitate to send any articles, ideas, suggestions or comments to me at merlina17@aol.com. Issue 2 grew by 3 pages and I am hoping that each issue will grow by at least that, if not more, in the future. An interview with a well known and highly respected member of the magic community has been promised for a future issue as well as a few other neat things we have in store. Thank you once again for your support. Issue 1 dedicated to Cesareo Pelaez; issue 2 to Fantasio who has just been named Dean of Magic City Conjurers / S.A.M. Assembly 280. Now we are working on who Issue 3 will be dedicated to. If you have suggestions for dedication for this or future issue, please feel free to send them in, all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

A busy weekend ahead with work for us, shows, birthday parties and meetings. We are also awaiting, believe it or not, a special birthday party coming up… our grandson’s first. Can you believe it? It seems as though he was born yesterday and he is already going to be one year old on February 11th. We will bring you photos of that after the party.

Until next time..….keep a dream in the making for you create your tomorrows by what you dream today.

Maria Ibáñez

Learned Pig new books uploaded — ezine to be published again
Guy Bavli on cover of Magicseen Magazine
I.B.M. Convention — save money by registering now
Canton South Grad Is World-Class Magician — Ed Ellis
William Rader transforms his passion for magic into the seemingly impossible: a full-time job
ARS ARCANA: The secret science of Magic in the Roman World
Magic Castle History
Paul Kieve: City Date for Magician Who Taught Harry Potter Actor
Terry L. Coffee—a.k.a. Tabor the Magician
Jerry Conklin
Bob Fenton (20)
Ray Goulet (20)
Nancy Jean Gray (22)
Dick Gustafson (20)
Idalmis Ibáñez (20)
Luciano de Pazos (19)
Olivia Perez (19)
Geoff Williams (23)


The Learned Pig Project has surpassed the 10 year mark…that happened last year on September the 19th and I’m ashamed to say, I was so busy doing other things that I just forgot all about it! Well, one time, when I was performing in Spain and living alone, far away from family and friends, I forgot about my own birthday once.

My problem is not that I am working all the time… it is that I have many interest besides magic and I tend to study a lot and get so deep into my studying that these things happen to me all the time. Don’t even ask me about the wife’s birthday which I don’t have the slightest idea on which date it falls but even if I did I’m sure I would forget all about it. As a preventive I told her about me forgetting my own birthday once and I regularly retell the story within hearing range of her so when the time for the nagging comes I can always reply that once I forgot my own birthday… you take it from there.

Well, the thing is that a little more than 10 years ago, on the 19th of September, 1999 I sat in front of the computer and created TLPP. I had been making magic eBooks for some years (from the MSDOS years!) so I had some material ready. The first issue of the eZine went out 10 days after that to about 25 magicians.

Speaking of our eZine, I have received some eMails from members asking if it is going to be published again. The answer is YES and you can count this eMail as a rehearsal. TLP Magic eZine was very well received by most because it always contained workable tricks and amusing stuff, however there were several magicians who emailed me back very angry and some even agressive asking to be taken out of the mailing list. I don’t understand this: they sign in to access the site and it comes with the added benefit of once in a while receiving a useful publication in their field of interest and all this without any charge whatsoever and they

have to send me agressive eMail. So, before I begin to send the eZine again, see the eMail address below? If you don’t want to receive any more eMails from me just send a blank email there and you will be automatically deleted from list… it’s as easy as that.


All others that stayed with me, I have been collecting and writing material for new issues of the TLP Magic eZine and the first issue will go out in a few days. I won’t promise that I’ll be regular but I’ll do my best.


It’s been a very long time since I uploaded any new stuff to TLPP (more than a year!) so here you have some goodies:

1. Three to One Rope Trick – Tom Osborne
2. Magic from A to Z – Arthur Leroy
3. Natural Magic – Phillip Astley
4. Hermann the Magician – H. J. Burlingame
5. Indian Conjuring – L. H. Branson
6. Money Magic – Jean Hugard
7. The Great Mysteries – Oudini
8. Spirit Slate Writing – William E. Robinson
9. Sleights – Burling Hull
10. Sports and Pastimes – F. M.

To check out these books go to:


If you forgot your access details then send a blank email tofollowing address:


and you will quickly receive what you need to go in… much much faster than if you wrote to me directly… You have been warned! 🙂
Until then,
The Learned Pig Project


Guy Bavli has sent a copy of the Cover and article featuring him which is published in Magicseen Magazine in Europe.

Magicseen can be ordered in .pdf format directly from the website at

It is a very good article on Guy and his career and includes some terrific professional photography. Recommended reading.


The I.B.M. Annual Convention is coming To San Diego!
Register NOW before the registration price goes up Feb 1, 2010


Where: The Town & Country and Convention Center and the Balboa Theatre
When: July 6-10, 2010
Contests with prizes over $20,000 In Cash Prizes and Trophies.


Great Lectures
Fantastic Performers
Tons of the Top Dealers in the world.
Special Room Rates at the Beautiful Town & Country Resort and Convention Center
You only have a few days until the registration price increases.

Here is just a sampling of who is going to be there:

JEROME MURAT (France): Stage Performance: Inspiration is the foundation of any art. Jerome Murat combines mime, magic, and extraordinarily creative characterizations into one of the most artistic acts you will ever see. You have seen the YouTube video now you will get to experience the wonder of the live performance! Absolutely amazing.

DAVID ROTH: Close-Up: Dai Vernon wrote about David Roth: “First let me state that David Roth has an amazing ability when performing with coins. He is truly a genius. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed the confidence and friendship of the leading exponents of coin manipulation of the past. T. Nelson Downs, Allan Shaw, Manuel and Welch Miller all specialized in this branch of the magical art. To the very best of my judgment, David’s ideas and execution far surpass any one of them. I feel quite certain that if they could witness his performance they would not only be astounded but realize that they had seen the master.”

Lecture: David Roth is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest living coin magicians. He was an important contributor to Richard Kaufman’s “Coin Magic,” a widely regarded text on contemporary coin technique; and his major work was chronicled in “David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic,” a massive hardcover tome also penned by Richard Kaufman. David has lectured for magic enthusiasts around the world and has produced numerous instructional videos. Extra Ticket Item: Two Workshops Limited to 10 Registrants each (advance registration $100)

JEFF HOBSON: Stage: Jeff Hobson is one of the most in-demand comedy magicians working today. His refreshing and clever mix of comedy and magic has brought him back for repeat performances all over the world.

Lecture: “Hobservations” on magic covers stage, sleight-of-hand, close-up with cards and kid show magic. Something for everyone, in other words, mixed with Jeff’s unique brand of humor.

MAX MAVEN: Stage: The late Orso! n Welles wrote that Max Maven has “the most original mind in magic.” Indeed. Using an advanced (and highly unorthodox) set of psychological principles and techniques, Max is able to discern the thoughts of total strangers. Subliminal persuapersuasion and the power of suggestion are pushed to the limit. People magazine hailed his work as “a new form of participatory theater.” Max has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs, top talk shows and variety specials, as well as acting on comedy and dramatic shows. He’s published over 1700 creations in the conjuring literature, and been an adviser to over a hundred television shows.

Lecture: Most of Maven’s mind-boggling feats are accomplished through psychological subterfuge that he himself has cunningly created … “If mystery does indeed give magic its meaning, then the enigmatic persona of Max Maven makes us ever mindful of the art that is hidden in the mystery of magic.”

JOSHUA JAY: Close-Up: Joshua’s magic is up-close and personal — simple, clear and undeniable. It happens when you’re watching, no matter how close you’re watching. The secret is right in front of you. His main performance style is close-up. Coins, ropes, even a television remote vanishing, stretching, and defying expectations in countless other ways. But his passion is cards. These are head-turning, jaw-dropping pieces of strange that have garnered Joshua international renown as a card magician extraordinaire.

Lecture: Joshua Jay is not only one of magic’s brightest performers, but also one of its smartest gifted teachers. In his lecture, Compelling Close-up Magic, you will learn astonishing, artful close-up and parlor magic. For the first time in sev! en years, he is presenting an all-new lecture.

Plus Many More Like:





Canton South Grad Is World-Class Magician — Ed Ellis
It’s never too late in life to pursue a dream. . .

Ed Ellis of Louisville, a Canton South graduate, didn’t decide to learn the art of magic until he was 26 years old, which he said is very late to begin studying such a vast subject. The inspiring thing about his story is the delayed start didn’t stop him from becoming a world-class master magician.

Ellis was recently chosen by the International Brotherhood of Magicians to represent the U.S. in a world magic show in Southport, England. He was among six people selected from around the globe to perform during the four-day show, which took place in September. He was also invited back to England on Feb. 19 to perform for four days to kick off the largest magic event in the world, the famed Blackpool Magic Convention, which usually draws about 3,000 spectators. He will perform sleight-of-hand magic and will also give a talk on the subject to promote his eight-DVD series on close-up magic.

Read more: http://www.the-press-news.com/news/article/4748247

William Rader transforms his passion for magic into the seemingly impossible: a full-time job

OAKLAHOMA CITY – William Rader’s fascination began with a card trick that he witnessed as a child.

“I went home and couldn’t sleep that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had witnessed something impossible,” he said. Even at that age, Rader was fascinated by secrets and driven by a curiosity to understand how things work.

“In grade school, I remember constantly asking my teachers questions. Since magic is so secretive, it was my ultimate goal to learn how it worked,” he said. “Once I started performing, I saw magic not just as secrets, but a way to connect with people.”

Read more:


ARS ARCANA: The secret science of Magic in the Roman World

Magic. The enunciation of this term can stir contrasting reactions in the minds of men: suspicion, fear, doubt, mockery… It is a controversial term, mostly because its definition leads to subjective interpretation and its connotation has varied across the centuries.

An interesting definition of magic was offered by French historian Jean Bottèro: “it’s a system of social facts, based upon the belief of immediate efficacy of a certain number of attitudes, procedures and elements, that was usually employed to create beneficial effects, yet whose relationship with its causes were, from our point of view, perfectly irrational.”

Read more: http://www.theromanforum.com/?p=3874

Magic Castle History

While he is not well-known today, Rollin B. Lane was an early Hollywood resident; an admitted capitalist and philanthropist who donated large sums of money for parks, libraries and orphanages. However, if he is known at all it would be for a street named for his mother, and for the home he built a century ago, which is now one of the oldest still standing in Hollywood. One-hundred years ago Lane named his home the “Holly Chateau” but for the past forty-seven years the public has known it by its more celebrated name – the Magic Castlecelebrates it’s 47th year January 2, 2010!

Read more:



Paul Kieve: City Date for Magician Who Taught Harry Potter Actor

HARRY Potter may be a wizard at the box office but he might have missed a trick if it wasn’t for professional magician Paul Kieve.

Paul was the only magician to work on any of the Harry Potter films, beginning with The Prisoner of Azkaban. It was during this time that he introduced Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe to the world of magic.

Read more:



Terry L. Coffee a.k.a. Tabor the Magician

One of our colleagues is in need of your help, all he is asking for is our prayers at this time that his health is deteriorating. He has sent an email which reads:

I need prayers Merlina.
My cancer has taken a terrible turn for the worse.
Terry L. Coffee
a.k.a. Tabor the Magician

It was my honor to sponsor Terry to S.A.M. membership during my year as President of the Association and I know personally of how much work he has done for magic and magicians for many, many years. My prayers and that of my family go out to him and our hopes that all will work out for him.

Jerry Conklin
Message from Rand Vander Wal
Pertinent information being printed here

Jerry Conklin has cancer and it has metastasized throughout his body,it is in his hips, his spine, his head, his tailbone and his knees. The cancer is in stage 4 could be possible that he only has 3 to 4 months. He still needs to have a PET scan to see if the cancer has moved to any organs.He is giving up and wants to go see his beloved wife.He thinks its stupid to learn to walk again if he is going to die.

PLEASE send cards, letters, flowers anything.

Laurels of Coldwater
90 N.Michigan
Coldwater, Mich 49036
Thephone # is 517-279-9808 room# 355

We are being asked to keep the entire family in your prayers


Bob Fenton (20)  Ray Goulet (20)  Nancy Jean Gray (22)
Dick Gustafson (20)  Idalmis Ibáñez (20)  Luciano de Pazos (19)
Olivia Perez (19)  Geoff Williams (23)

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear friends
Happy birthday to you!

And may you celebrate many, many more.














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