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* Naples Festival of Magic
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March Magic in Miami
A Review

Sunday March 1st, Ring 45 and Magic City Conjurers/Assembly 280 produced a one day Mini convention, co-chaired by Rick del Vecchio and Maria Ibáñez.

John Calver & Rick del Vecchio There were 16 “Fleamarket” tables and over 150 who attended.  Local magi who came to sell their wares were joined by Rachel & Aldo Colombini, of Wild Colombini Magic, Comedy Magician Levent and the legendary Mr. John Calvert assisted by his lovely wife Tammy, each displayed their magic products and memorabilia.

John Calvert & Maria IbanezThe Fleamarket was open from 9am-1:00pm.   From 11:45am-1:00pm lunch was served.   Attendees were treated to hot dogs, burgers and chips, plus draft beer and soft drinks.   Then from 1PM – 6Pm everyone was invited into the lecture hall to enjoy three great lectures by Aldo and Rachel, Levent and John Calvert, respectively.

While the magi enjoyed the lectures, volunteers set up the ballroom for the evening dinner/show.  Between their lectures, the performers rehearsed.

march-magic-performersFrom 7pm-8pm all were invited to the bar to enjoy appetizers and the close-up magic of members and volunteers who were recruited and organized by Mr. Ron “Ronsted” Olmsted, Julio “Warlok” Carraciolo; also on hand to entertain was visiting magician and friend, Manny Sanchez  from Germany.

Jay IbanezCocktail hour being over, at 8pm dinner was served.   A delicious dinner of roast beef, imperial rice, green beans steamed in gin with sliced almonds and sugar, salad, dinner rolls & a delicious cake for desert. The tables were decorated in black and white and had centerpieces of red, black and white balloons . Each table had bottles of red and white wine. At approximately 9pm the show began.   Kudos and  gratitude to Jay Ibáñez who single handedly took care of all the cooking for lunch, cocktail hour and dinner.

MC Aldo Colombini did a great job as usual.   Illusionist Alexander Blade opened the show with a sword through neck followed by the location of a chosen jumbo card by a bullet shot at the deck and then he ended his performance with a grand illusion. Aldo performed a hilarious “Mind Reading Act” featuring Madam Zola, aka Aldo’s beautiful wife, Rachel Colombini. Next up was Levent.   Fast paced comedy mixed with amazing magic maked for a tremendously entertaining show. Levent outdid himself.

maria-ibanezalexander-bladeThe closing act was the Legendary Mr. John Calvert and his lovely wife and assistant, Tammy. Mr. Calvert opened with his brilliant cigarette manipulation. (But only after warning the audience of the dangers of smoking and informing them that he does not smoke or use lit cigarettes). Then he and Tammy borrowed a watch from the audience, vanished it and made it appear in a nest of boxes. The best was yet to come, as Tammy walked done the stairs to return the watch, she fell and dropped the watch. Now I swear she really fell, as did everyone in the room. Gentlemen and ladies ran to her aid and helped her up. While this went on Mr. Calvert seemed to not notice, produced a newspaper and read the headline…”Magician Sued in Miami Over Broken Watch”.  As the folks searched the floor for the watch, Tammy walked back on stage, stood next to Mr. Calvert.   He quickly regained the audience’s attention, produced the watch, fully restored to it’s original condition.   Tammy really had us all fooled. Great job!  Mr. Calvert then performed a Spirit Cabinet and closed with a very Magical Dancing Hank routine;  he had the audience eating out of his hand.

The crowd reacted with a well deserved standing ovation following each of the acts.

Now that’s a run down of what happened.   As far as saying how good the event was, we’ll let some of the attendees tell you via some of the emails we have received…

Let me start by saying Rita & I hope there will be a Mini Convention each year to come. Conventions only happen as flawlessly as this one through much hard work & planning. Both where obvious, as we feel, everything on a scale of 1-10 was a 10. We THANK YOU & your staff for all of your HARD WORK & DEDICATION in making this the first MIAMI MINI CONVENTION a great success!
Ron “Eugene” & Rita Dawson
Okeechobee, Florida 

I would like to thank Maria & Rick for one of the best one-day conventions I have ever attended. Usually I would like to make suggestions as how to improve a convention. This time I have NO suggestions, “It was great”!

There were many dealers, the entertainment was super, the lectures and evening show, were fantastic. The food was plentiful (wine, beer, soda, etc. was included). Meeting old and new friends and the exchange of magical ideas made it an especially memorable occasion.
Thank you for an exciting and magical day.

Ring 117
West Palm Beach, Florida

For a one day Mini-Convention………..OUTSTANDING!
The lecture talent and the Evening Shows were superb!
Constructive Critique – Start Flea Market @ 11:00 or 11:30. Have attendees go to tables for cocktail hour, rather than bar (not enough room in bar to mingle, do close-up or sit down)…

Ed Harris
SAM 76
Miami, Florida
You guys outdid yourselves. I had a great time with old friends. Thanks for the opportunity to join you all, and I look forward to the next MINI event…Levent stole the show..

Capt. Bill Grosscup
Paladin Ring 329
Key West, Florida










SPECIAL DAY   NAPLES FESTIVAL OF MAGIC The Norris Center is located at 755 8th Ave S.


The above noted event will be held March 13th (7:00 pm) and 14th (2:30 pm & 7:00) in downtown Naples at the Norris Center (239-213-3049).

This event stars :  The Legendary John Calvert
                           Ariel & Damara
                           Billy Ray The Trailer Trash Magician
                           with MC Eddy Lester.

Tickets are $15(reserved seating) & $20 (Prefered seating) and can be purchased through the Norris Center box office.

Proceeds will benefit the Naples Public Theater – Free Shakespeare in the Park. 


Legends of Magic Tribute

Honoring Jack Kodell & Celeste Evans




To be held in the historic Winter Garden Theater
                                                     160 W Plant Street
                                                     Winter Garden, (Orlando) Florida  34787
Ms. Evans & Mr. Kodell will be available for book and poster signing.
$10.00 admission – Program starts promptly at 7:30pm
For more information, contact Dan Stapleton at (407) 491-3287

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