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April 6, 2009
by Maria Ibâñez




bunnyinpot_afPlease allow me to begin by wishing each and every one of you very happy blessed Easter. To Jewish friends, we wish a joyous, peaceful Pesach filled with lots of love, family and friends.

This certainly is going to be an exciting week. E.J. will be coming for a visit and we will be celebrating the first Easter as grandparents; we hope the “easter bunny” will be dropping by with goodies for E.J. and that he will like whatever he brings. Next week?  Photos of baby and bunny, of course!

Meetings are changing to accommodate the holidays and so too are themes for the meetings. What does your group do around the different holidays? Do you do things differently, and if so, how so? One of the big changes around here is that although it is Spring, we are expecting the weather to be in the 50s tomorrow which will make for a very cold evening. Doesn’t mother nature realize it’s Spring?

As always, please send me all the news you’d like to share to Merlina17@aol.com or to Merlina@merlina.com. Thank you for making these years of bringing you the “Have you heard” newsletter so special.

Until next time….keep a dream in the making for you create your tomorrows by what you dream today.

Maria Ibáñez



     Florida magic family needs your help
     Dr. Simon Carmel’s Successful Lecture
     Cali, Colombia has a new magic group
     Claudia Pacheco “The Inca Princess” performed a levitation in Peru
     Ali Shelley visits with Claude and Christine Jan in France
Good and Welfare
Carolyn Bristow
     Don Schrager
     Sophie Schrager
     Abby Silver
     Estela Sierra
Birthdays for the week
Paul Burdick (10)   Steve Glaser (8)   Lucas Mahi (7)
     Dalia Santana (7)   Jerry Schnepp (7)




Marty and Carol Bristow have been members of the Florida magic scene for decades. They have been dedicated supporters of magic clubs and events throughout the many years I have known them and have always come to the front of the line when assistance of any kind was needed at any meeting, event, lecture, convention or anything having to do with magic.

Both Marty and Carol have been having very difficult times for the past few years as Carol has fought cancer and has undergone all the necessary treatments. Things have now gone, as they sometimes do, progressively worse and she is currently in hospice.

They are both disabled and receive very small checks which do not begin to cover their expenses for either medication or necessities. Just this past weekend at a fleamarket/auction Marty sold off what was left of his magic to be able to afford to make some very needed payments.

The situation is very grim, they need our help. A special fund has been set up at Bank of America, the bank has agreed to not charge them anything for the account or its use. If you wish to or are able to help them, the bank information is the following:

Bank of America
501 W. Central Avenue
Winter Haven, FL33880

Checks and Money Ordersbe made out to
The Marty and Carol Fund Account

For electronic transfers the routing and account number is:
routing # 063100277         acct. # 229023841344

routing number for wire transfers is: 026009593

Bank of America has waived all associated charges with this account and all money will to directly to Marty and Carol.

There isn’t even money to handle the arrangements when the inevitable happens. They are high school sweethearts, we’ve never seen them too far from each other and as you can only imagine, Marty is devastated and just doesn’t know what to do.

Thank you for any assistance you may be, even if that means just putting them in your prayers. If you wish any more information please write me privately and I will send you whatever I have. The news coming to me originates from the two gentlemen who are doing all in their power to help this very deserving couple. If you wish to contact them directly, here is their information:

Marty Bristow:    mbristow7@gmail.com
Kelly Forkner:    FlaMagicMan@aol.com
Mike Peterson:   midflamagi@earthlink.net






Dr. Simon Carmel just received some well deserved kudos from the President of the Lakeridge Greens Magic Club for the “outstanding lecture” that he put on for their group.

Mr. Mintz states in his letter that Simon’s “presentation on magic with matchboxes and matchbooks was enjoyed by all…..the members were involved in all aspects of Simon’s creative use of magic tricks packed into the world’s smallest trunk”. A promise of a future invitation was the closing line of the letter.

silent-magicDr. Carmel, for those who don’t know him, is a deaf magician from Florida. He has published a book, which was recently released, titled “Silent Magic”. It is a book that belongs in every magicians library and one which I highly recommend.

Congratulations Simon, the kudos are well deserved, my friend.






Congratulations to Tato and the group of magi in Cali who have just formed a new group. Looking forward to visiting with them in the future.




“This past Friday, March 27th, for the first time ever in Peru, Claudia Pacheco, the Inca Princess, performed a levitation at the “Plaza de Armas”; remaining suspended in the air for several minutes.

A levitation is one of those magic effects that always lives the audience perplexed. Many of the ancient cultures knew of and practiced levitation. Richiardi Jr. was a Peruvian magician who was well known world wide as one of the best illusionists of his time; magicians David Copperfield and Criss Angel recognize that Richiardi Jr. was one of the magicians that influenced them. Now, our Inca Princess will become the first Latin American magician to perform a levitation outdoors, imitating that great magician of last century.

Claudia Pacheco, also known as The Inca Princess, started in the magic world at a very early age, she studied art next to Rafael Marcado of the musical duo Noise, but she had a passion for magic and illusion since a very early age. Just a few weeks ago she participated in a world wide magic convention which was held in our country and she decided to share her art with all of Peru.

In the next few weeks she will be touring wit her act to the most important plazas of our country visiting places like Cuzco, Arequipa, Trujillo, Cajamarca and Puno to name a few.”






What a nice wakeup call when an email from my good friend Claude Jan brought me not just news that Ali Shelley has visited with them, but also a photo souvenir of the visit.

It’s always wonderful when our good friends get together and knowing both Ali and the Jan’s for many years, this visit they had is one I am happy to read about.

Thank you for sharing Claude!





Don and Sophie Schrager are still in rehabilitation. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Abby Silver took a fall when she slipped on wet floor tiles and broke her ankle. She will be undergoing surgery this Wednesday to get a plate and a couple of setting pins put in. Abby is a supporter of magic in the Miami area, is married to Hill Silver who is a member of the I.B.M. for over 40 years and is mother of Jeff Silver IBM TVP for South Florida. Our best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

Estela Sierra will be undergoing surgery tomorrow, Tuesday April 7th. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that the doctors will be able to take care of the situation fully and that she won’t be requiring further treatments.



Paul Burdick (10) Steve Glaser (8) Lucas Mahi (7)
Dalia Santana (7) Jerry Schnepp (7)

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear friends
Happy birthday to you.


untitledIf you have any information or reviews on magic happenings or events, then please send it to me, by sending an email to: Maria Ibáñez 




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